Your life become too fast, slow down a bit

In this generation when everything is rapidly changing as well the people because of the people we ought to think, move and act quickly for us not to left behind.

We don’t get to question the civilization why they made the whole thing around us transform swiftly, that we are now having trouble in keeping up.

While each of us is trying our best to keep in pace we didn’t notice that we also forget significant things while we are in race. There are times also that you unconsciously harm someone for them not to overrun you. Yes our life is adjusting promptly however we fail to remember how to live and savor every minute of happiness in our life.

Your mind is occupied on how to stay track that you overlook the colorful smile and wonderful laughter around, your mind are all focus because you don’t want to miss a single thing but you never thought that you fail to see the beauty of the scene around the track. Maybe it’s time for us to slow down a little bit and go easy with life and let our self enjoy the rest of it. We are always on the rush in everything that rarely has time with our family, friends and colleagues. We are in a hurry that we neglect the importance of our life, we ignore others love and we failed to share love as well, and we let pass happy gatherings.

We are all born intelligent enough that we become stupid that we make simple things complicated. Once upon a time we are living in peace with harmonious & blissful relationship towards other people however we become ambitious that changes everything out of our cleverness.

Currently we are surrounded with splendid high technologies that we believe makes our life easier yet modify our way of life and escalated to a complex one.

Do you think our way of life now is way better than before? At the moment we are in a battle between lights of good and darkness of evil.