A Child’s Love Letter to his Father

Your endless love to my mother is pretty wonderful and brilliant that brought me and my siblings into this beautiful world. I might never know but I believe that you were the top three people (therapist/mom/dad) ever hold me the moment I was born. I might never witness your tears of happiness fall down the first time you held me but I’ve seen your sweat of hardship several times that made me proud for having a great father. Your endless love towards us makes you a man with dignity; a selfless father who is willing to sacrifice for the sake of his family.

I know you have weaknesses yet not shown to us rather you demonstrate bravery and strength to support us. You have lot to complain to us in our everyday life but you decide to stay silent not to hurt our feelings. I understand that there are times that you have to raise a hand to reprimand and educate me, perhaps I throw tantrums before. Not too long ago I realize that you’re beating and nagging is not worthless because it made me for what we I am now.

What’s funny is I know that you’re a tough man but when mother speaks you lose, mother is indeed the boss even in front of my powerful father; of course it’s because you respect and value relationship. For that you earn big respect from us.

For me you are a hero having a special power that saves us from harm and support us without hesitation. You are the best father because you raise me to become responsible and refined person. My admiration towards you will forever be in my heart. I won’t be able to defeat your love and care for us but we will try my best to give you affection in your older days. I will endlessly express my gratitude for you until my last breath, if not because of your good gesture I won’t live up to now. I am in debt from you and we will repay it by giving love and sharing happiness to you.

It’s time for me to make you laugh and smile; it is my duty now to make your life blissful and happy. I may not be at your side always but always remember that in my heart you are my king as I am your princess and I am always thankful for having you as my Father. You held a special part of my heart that no one can ever replace. Thank you my dear Father.

In few years when you no longer remember some of our amazing memories allow me to tell you our stories. I will ask brother to play the guitar and sing together in our balcony, I know you will love it as you love to play the guitar while singing. Once upon a time our smile and laughter made you happy now your happiness is our joy and your pain is our sorrow.

Let’s create new happy memoirs and further bonding for more happiness.