In the eyes of a child


One of the wonderful things that we witness in our life is how a child grows each day. The way they enjoy the simplicity of life is like a world full of magic, innocent mind filled with dreams and love. They observe things differently while discovering the bigger world alone. They might be sensitive but a child heart is genuine and they are the wittiest person you’ll ever meet. They might be playful and difficult sometimes but they are the sweetest person that can melt your heart and your worries.



A child mind is tricky that we elders should be mindful about it on which we have the responsibility to guide them to the right path. At times they have unpredictable thinking and have emotional swing that parents or guardian be aware of. They love to explore and out of curiosity they want to try new things without hesitation and express their own opinion.


Early childhoods are considered the crucial year of growth; it is the time when they start to build their foundation and knowledge. It’s the time where their emotional, social and intellectual aspects are exposing in the society. The time where they discover their life interest which need guidance and understanding to help them gain self-confidence.

Every child has their own reaction and attribute; others understand the situation and stay silent some used to whine. For them throwing few tantrums are a good technique to get what they want, unfortunately the trick is somewhat no longer effective to some parents.

Responsible parenting is important to provide to ensure its optimal development of a child; each guardian should be a model as the child look up to them. Parents should not become stubborn along with the child, they might be hard headed and annoying that makes you feel frustrated and pissed off but it’s not enough ground to get tired and mean to them. They deserve a soft hit sometimes to learn a lesson which is I think better than spitting awful and unkind words.

Harsh words and beating in front of other people is not the right way to discipline a child, a good talk privately is an alternative to educate them.

Your reactions in every action they do are essential during their childhood as they are susceptible and still fragile emotionally and physically. Be a guardian, a friend, a mentor and a teacher to them; as much as possible have a close relationship with them and let them realize that what all you want is the best for them. Teach your child how to be happy by showing them happiness; it’s one way to prepare them to face their new journey to adulthood. Once they have their own family and children they will always remember your lessons and advices.

“Your child success is the fruit of your good relationship it is an award that all parents wish to perceive


Written by: Mitchelle Nudo
Edited by: Maricel


Mitchelle Nudo

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