Live your life to the fullest

Life isn’t always easy, we are always coping up with unexpected changes of things that we used to live with, a sudden loss, or everyday struggles like working early but staying so late.

It’s true that impediments arises in our lives and we can’t always change life’s circumstances but there are still many ways to lessen that burden and soften its impact to us.

You might be asking how?

If you’re yet to decide on which ways to reward yourself you can try my simple list.


Pamper yourself

It’s time to have a break from work maybe a long vacation will do to indulge you and grant your wish come true.

  1. Find your desired restaurant that serves your favorite meal and fulfill your cravings, you can take your friends or family to savor the food.
  2. It’s time to hit the spa for a good massage to rejuvenate your body then don’t forget to have a side trip to the salon to have a makeover.
  3. How about bonfire party after a fun swimming at the beach with your significant other, family and friends.
  4. Take your family outside for a movie date or just watch film at home.
  5. Take a good and long snooze with soft pillow, smooth bed and fluffy blanket with nice harmony background while uttering some prayer.
  6. Make some extra time for shopping as well because you deserve to have a nice outfit.
  7. Plan for and escapade to visit new place and have some fun.




Don’t forget your friends; send those messages, birthday greetings or an invitation for a get together or to attend a party from your side. You can invite them for a meal or to have some little adventure thru sports. You can also ask them to go for a short trip with relatives or just the group of your friends.



A good visit

Why don’t you take time to have a surprise visit to your grandparents place and meet your other relatives and organize a simple celebration?




Good deed

It feels good to help other people; go sign up for any volunteer plan near your place. If not you can give donation may it be cash or good to a certain organization? Well it is better to give than to receive.





Check your health

It’s a must for us to have our medical checkup annually. Your health is important so you need to know your body’s condition and necessities. Don’t deprive your body for additional supplement like vitamins.



Life is unpredictable, the Almighty gave us time and strength to make the best we can to enjoy our life.


Every day is an opportunity for us to live with happiness therefore love yourself; whatever circumstances you are now don’t give up, before you attempt to die then at least try to live.

Show affection and know yourself in order to grant its desire.


Written by: Mitchelle Nudo
Edited by: Maricel

Mitchelle Nudo

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I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to reach my goals. I certainly enjoy reading all that is written on your website.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it!


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