Think before you Click!

Genius people invented new technologies like mobile phone and laptop they even enhance communication thru internet connection which includes the wireless networking; social media like Face book, Instagram, Twitter and Tumbler was widely use. Applications like Messenger, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp are all installed on our mobile phones; this new technologies was introduce to us and utilize by all of us to aid our communication gap from our family members, friends and colleagues from the other side of the world.

The people who put their life to create these technologies aspire to have a better and happy life; however it seems that its real purpose is rarely practice now.


I came across the post of Kanye West in social media which I undoubtedly agree totally and it made me smile.


The phrase is “The purpose of a text is to get a reply within a minute. If I wanted to wait I would just write a f******** letter”.


We are given contribution to makes our life easy when it comes to communication like you don’t have to wait for weeks or months to get a letter of response from someone by using the snail mail.

Currently we get rid of communication gap in every human relationship I should say; easily connect and obtain response instantly, interact live with your love ones thru video call.


We discover new and find old friends using some application; unfortunately we also generate misunderstanding and clash towards other people because of some application in social media. Despite having modern technology other people can still produce hoax, horrible scenes, cyber bullying and deceive some people.

Are you aware of cyber-sickness which leads to loneliness and depression?

We thought that this new trend promote happiness and build good and strong relationship, regrettably it is not being materialize.

Have you notice the rate of broken relationship nowadays compare to old days?

Somewhat various people used technology to play other people feelings, betrayal of emotions is rampant also that It’s difficult to distinguish truth and deception.

Temptation is widespread that jeopardize a good relationship because of repetitive cheating.

Unconsciously we distance and disregard the people who stand beside us who need our affection while trying to impress and get the attention of other people in distant place. You helplessly looking for happiness with far-away people that you don’t seem to see the people that surround you.

Our center of attention now is how to look spectacular for others to notice us in social media although in reality our life is a mess.

We shaped a deceitful mind that even our happiness is falsehood.


Though modern technology really is beneficial to all of us, unhappily because of our negligence and devious mind we make our own problem and dig our own grave. It was all backfired and now you are suffering yet you stand ground about it because you are afraid to face the reality from your wrong doings.











“Your own happiness is up to you, don’t ruin it instead make it happen”