Worries will weary you.

We have unpredictable emotion and it always come thru our feelings; worrying is one of our hobbies that we have trouble getting rid of. It gives us stress but despite getting headache from worrying sometimes it helps us solve our problem. In some way it alerts us from any danger and motivates us to take action. But it only takes effect to certain people, not all of us have the ability to turn this negative emotion into strength.

Still worrying is a hindrance towards happiness.

I happened to read one of the books of John Edmund Haggai which title is “How to win over Worry“.

He mention on it that worrying is a sin; do you agree? As stated on his writing there is 2 reasons why.

1. Distrust in truthfulness of the Almighty One.

Likely you accuse Him of falsehood. When you worry you lose your faith and believe not only from Him but from yourself; it degrades self- confidence as well.

2. Detrimental to your body which was a gift from Him.

Worrying bring burden  on your body both physically and emotionally. You might lead yourself into dungeon of illness and can destroy your life. This emotion gives us distraction in a way that put us on difficult situation particularly in our choices.

Questions will linger on your head that needs answers, staying positive, be determine and not losing your hope will help. Hope will give you strength to keep going, you only need to believe that you will win over your worries.

It’s hard to avoid being worry, but one thing is for sure when you look forward and aim for happiness worries won’t worry you.

Prayer is the best weapon you could ever draw against your worries.


written by: Mitchelle Nudo

Edited by: Maricel