Campaign of “Hug for Happiness”

77happiness would like to ask everyone to share your hug to everybody; a simple yet friendly and sincere hug from one of us can lift the spirit of someone who is having a hard time, feeling down, in pain or suffering. A hug without malice can be share to anybody in the street, at your work, in the mall or everywhere; if you’re alone walking down the street now and you feel alone and lonely don’t be shy to ask someone to hug you. I discover that a simple hug from someone when you’re sad or distress can make you feel happy, the kindness of their hug give you strength to carry on with life. Not to mention the smile you get from them and an extra advice if you’re lucky enough to hear one. The joy you get from others hug is like a spell that make you feel cool and awesome that you need to pass and share it to others.

77happiness want to challenge you to start asking someone to give you a hug every day and share it to others as well. Your friends and family will do but to make it more fascinating and cool, ask and give a hug to a stranger. As for me I asked a cute baby yesterday for a hug and I got rejected; that’s right don’t get disappointed when they refuse, anyway there are thousands of people around you.

Let us all start the hug for happiness  and let us hear your happy experience and how does it  change your emotion. Don’t be shy to askCan I have a hug from you?”

Spread your arms and let them feel the magical warmth of happiness.