A Happy heart is like a medicine.

Happiness begins inside of us, it’s within our hearts & mind. The Almighty wants us to have a cheerful life even if it gives us hard challenges. Having happy thoughts can cure a heart that was poisoned by pain, failures and disappointments; change the way you think every day and start looking forward to a new beginning. No matter what circumstances you are now, unsolved problem still hanging, and things that hard to fix your thoughts should always be happy and positive.

The wealthy and famous is not the happiest people living on earth, but it is the people who consider life is not perfect. You can’t buy happiness even if your rich and you can’t force it either even if you’re powerful. Find contentment in yourself and you will find the meaning of true happiness. As they say
“a thankful heart is a happy heart”

Spending time sulking is a waste of time, laugh whenever you can; every day is a gift for us, so better think about good things.

Written by: Mitchelle Nudo

Edited by: Maricel