Happiness start with a smile

When was the last time you feel happy? I know your work is giving you difficulty, you’re far from your family and friends and life is giving you difficulty. Will you agree with me if I say that “one smile will change everything” because a simple smile is one of the best therapy towards happiness.  I myself learn to smile in between my crying; it soothes my heart to see me smiling in front of the mirror. My smile actually teaches me to be strong and show me the spark of light as a sign of assurance for happiness.

Almost all of us just use mirror to put make up, fix our hair and to check our dress if it’s good, and some just to see how was their body built. Numerous times in a day we face the mirror, but could you tell me how many times you flash and see your beautiful smile on your reflection? We hardly even remember the last time you smile for yourself, that’s the reason why our happiness is slightly fading. We forget the basic ingredients to be happy. Our happiness should start on ourselves and to do that you need to let yourself feel gladness by the glimpse of your smile. Once you learn how to show your smile then it’s easy to share your smile to others. When you smile to others they smile in response even if they are experiencing difficulty in life.

Don’t be shy to smile and let the world see it, our smile is a contagious syndrome that helps you and others feel the presence of happiness. Spread happiness by starting to smile. You’ll never know the importance of your smile if you hide it.

Share your smile and you share happiness. I smile you smile!