Oh My Heels!

Women always pump up on new fashion of dress, jewelries, bags and most specially shoes. When it comes to shoes, I have to give credit for those who rock the runway with their super high heels. For some women high heels it’s already a part of their daily lifestyle. Most especially for petite girls out there who want to look taller, it’s one of the reasons why a wearing high heel shoe is a must. For girls they do understand that walking with high heels lift up their confident and self esteem, on the other hands girls know the risk they are taking; back pain, legs and foot problem. Even if you wear it occasionally you will not be excluded on the damage you take from it. Love and take care of your feet as much as you like high heels. Be fashionable on your own way no one can stop you but always consider your health.

“Good shoes will take you to great places” but “healthy feet will not only take you to great places but will escort to better place”