How I get rid of Migraine.

I was in middle school when I experienced my first migraine, then it comes and go every year. Maybe twice or thrice till I learn how to play with it.

How I decrease the attack of my migraine?

1. I change my lifestyle.

Your daily activities affect your body. Over thinking might get you in trouble. Your heart should be well taken care off. Your body is who you are so be careful of it.

2.  I  choose the right Food

Well, it’s not really easy for your body to adjust on the way you eat. You need strong will to resist the “not so good” food. Basically you need to study your own self when it comes to eating. You are now old enough to know what food you need to avoid, if you’re having some doubt you can consult your doctor.

** Processed food – make sure to eliminate 90% of it on your life. The remaining 10% is for your craving the whole year.

** Vegetables & Fruits – 100% should be circulating on your body.

Somewhat it’s likely hard to ditch the food that you usually eat, but if you’re going to consider your health then it is possible. Just in case you’re having difficulties then at least try to minimize your intake. Let’s say if you’re having some craving then don’t deprive yourself but be cautious because your craving might be every day. That is totally havoc.

3. Keep my eyes sharp

Remember during the old times when your mom keep on telling you to not sit very near the television, but you draw closer instead? The elders might not be a techie one but they knows best because they’ve been though a lot.

Nowadays the most used line is “don’t use your gadgets when the light is off”

“Don’t keep on scrolling your IPod all day long”. However, no one bother to listen because they don’t care what danger it gives.

Give your eyes a break, let it rest. Whole day you’re in front of your computer, why not give your eyes freedom on your way home and leave the phone away from it for a couple of hours.

4.  I Sleep right

Getting enough sleep is one of the key for a healthy life. Sleep deprivation is dangerous to your health, it will led to depression, weaken your immune system that lead to increase of chances of being sick.

Just to let you know lack of sleep can trigger migraines or cause occasional migraines according to research.