“I’m Okay” Are you really fine?

Is it okay to say “I’m not okay”? Or is it not okay to say “I’m okay”?

We always say “we are okay” even if we are not. This is what we really feel every “okay and fine” answer we gave.

To whomever experiencing this kind of hilarious thing, may this article help you sort things out. If you’re in difficult situation now, life is unfair and hard, I know, they know, you know. Everyone is having their own complicated life, but they continue to walk in life. That negativity in life will not stay on your entire life; you just need to believe on yourself that you can push all that away from your perimeter.

We live to be happy, we live to be one of the happiness of other people. Cheer up, don’t you know that people who experience the hardship in life and survive are warriors, they have strong will to live. You’ve battle the wind and rain during the stormy night and you will be embrace by the sunrise and calm sky the next day.

Don’t be afraid to speak on what you feel as long as you’re not hurting anyone. Don’t hide those freaky feelings, unload the pain and free your heart and mind, give yourselves love and respect. Let others share you the happiness of life.

Life is extremely beautiful, you have to appreciate it. There is always a night and a day.

“Choose to be happy and you will have a happy life. Whatever the world may bring always choose to be happy. To cry is to laugh. Smile await from sadness” – Tetchie