Christmas time in the city

City Sidewalks, busy sidewalks

Children laughing, people passing

Silver bells, silver bells

It’s Christmas time in the city



This is some of the lyrics from one of the played song every Christmas. Do you still know how the tune of the song is? How about 12 Days of Christmas, or Jingle bells, Santa Claus is coming to town and the Silent night and others? I might say that it’s well known to every child in town. You can only hear these songs during the season of Christmas, so you better not complain if you happen to hear the same Christmas carol more than 10 times in a day when you pass by your neighbor’s house or at mall.

You should be grateful that Christmas spirit still alive. In fact, you don’t mind listening to it while your eyes is busy mesmerizing on the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights on every corner of the street. Being able to watch the beautiful and stunning lights that make the street bright is such a wonderful feeling.

How about the glow of each and everyone’s eye, that is even more attractive. Besides it happen once in a year.

The season of Christmas brings joy to each in everyone, not because of the gifts or the Christmas bonus we receive but the spirit of Christmas that brings family close together. This is the moment when forgiveness, generosity, kindness and love overdo hatred, anger and sadness. The time when happiness strikes each one of us, it really doesn’t matter if you’re away from your family or you only have 10 bucks on your pocket.

It’s actually the season wherein selfish people turn to share. So let your stingy friends treat you with nice dinner. One more thing, just a tip to everybody, better ask forgiveness during this season because there is a chance that 5% probability that you won’t be busted and be thrown away.

Just be mindful of the timing, I guess. 

Maybe the reason why we learn from the eldest that Christmas season is the best ever experience is because the magic it brings to all of us.

Magic! But wait, what is that magic?

In reality it’s a question that only you who experience the real spirit of Christmas can answer.

You can ask Frosty the snowman or Santa Claus.       Just kidding.    

Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New year. Let’s all enjoy the season of Happiness.