How to be you?

A simple question yet complicated one. A question we seldom ask ourselves.

How to be you?

The very first thing is to ask yourself “who am I?”

Do you really know yourself?

Remember the old days and wondered why the never ending “tell me something about yourself” question during your school days and even interviews keep on hunting you?

It is the way of getting to know you step by step. It’s your way of evaluating or how you see yourself, what are the changes, how was your attitude.

Now try to tell something about yourself, can you figure out the difference between your response before and now?

Find yourself
(2) – if you already know who you are the next thing is to find yourself. I’m not talking about the “soul searching” thing.

Understanding yourself on what you really want and love to do, your passion in life. Are you happy on what you’re doing right now?

Don’t do thing which is against your will.

Acknowledge yourself
(3.). Have you seen your shadow? All you can see is total black, its hollow, and shows nothing.

But if you open your mind and start to accept yourself on who you really are, you will see your reflection on your shadow as if your standing in front of the mirror.

Learn to recognize and admit who you really is, don’t try to hide from darkness just to conceal your shadow from others, instead show it and learn to embrace the whole you.

Act according to who you are
(4.) Don’t try to be someone else just because you find them wonderful, you have your own identity which is also fantastic.

Stop playing a role which is too far from who you really are just because you’re not popular, you’re not smart or beautiful and people surround you seems like they are ignoring you.

Let them ignore you; you don’t have to please anybody for you to be known. Portraying the real you are the best you will ever do. “Be yourself


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