How I relieve Stress: 1.) Beautiful Blue Sky

You’ve been pin at home everyday after work and it’s getting boring.

You’ve been stress by your boss for almost a week.

You need to lighten up



Are you afraid to head out when the sun is brightly showing his smile? You won’t resist if you see this :











There’s a rainbow after the rain they say but if you can’t find it “There’s a blue sky after” instead.

Don’t curse the rain just because you can’t go out for date, instead make it an excuse to take a rest, just lay down read some books or watch a movie or play with your niece and nephew.

Wait till the gloomy  weather disappear, take a walk outside, don’t be shy to raise your head and let your eyes and heart be captivated by the brilliant blue sky.

Not everyone have the chance to glimpse the calmness and coolness of sky.  Beyond doubt you will surely find peace with this fascinating gift.